"Heredamos libertad, logaremos justicia social."

Iliana comes from revolutionary rebels and fearless women like Emiliano Zapata and Princesa Erendira. She grew up on two sides of the same coin: born and raised in sunny, diverse, SoCal until her family moved to the deeper South- western North Carolina in 2006. She believes that racial equity, the celebration of neurodiversity, and fierce compassion with honest communication are needed if we are ever to be a just and kind society.

She's our Program Director & Resource Specialist. 

She's your friendly neighborhood Southerner.


Gaby is your girl. Folks have reached out to her for support for as long as she’s been around. She serves our individuals with experience and integrity. Gaby has a sweet daughter and loving partner, they live in Asheville, NC.


Consulta Tu Compa es una programa de Colaborativa La Milpa | Consulta Tu Compa is a program of Colaborativa La Milpa.

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